March – I know it’s April

My life has by no means stopped changing, in fact at the moment it’s changing more than it has been for the last 3 years. During this month I have gone vegan, I think this was only a matter of time. Leant my self worth at work and spoke up. Started reconnecting with friends slowly. Also, if I ever read over these again after a while, there have been some amazing tunes out this month; Fickle Friends and Haley Kiyoko had their debut albums out and The Aces have theirs out in a couple of days, SHY Martin has done it again and Sasha Sloan won’t stop putting out amazing records.

Vegan huh?
I’ve always thought about going vegan, didn’t really think it would effect me just make it difficult for everyone else. I was half right, it really hasn’t changed my diet too much and lucky for me, I don’t crave food. I have a good amount of will power, it’s very easy for me to say no to cake and to push myself on the next run. But why did I go vegan, what pushed my over the edge? For the animals of course! Actually this is a lie, although it’s a little bit because of how terrible some of the things that go on are, I did it mostly for health and to keep things interesting, to prove to myself that I can do it. It makes me think about my next meal, the nutrients I need and what foods can supply them. When people ask me why I’m vegan, I don’t really have an answer, I just wanted to be so I am.

What’s new at work?
So glad you asked. My job is one of the most important things I have. I’m so proud to be where I am and I’ve worked hard to get here. I’ve had to, I’ve been thrown in the deep end many times and always manage to swim to the top, or at least drain the pool and let the top come to me. I started as an apprentice and after a year had taken on the jobs of two men that had left the company. They retired, it’s not just a bad place to work. A third role came along at the end of January that I jumped on, this provided me with an email and customers that relied on me. Most importantly, it provided me with an opportunity to prove myself to the boss, and I did. Spectacularly I might add. As of May, I will be Test and Repair Manager and put onto a salary, before my apprenticeship even ends.

Are you running towards, or away from something?
Another one of my biggest passions is health and fitness. I love to run, I could and probably will write a whole blog post on running. I’ve entered a half marathon in May and I’m back to running 4-5 times a week. In fact I’ll say no more and just write a running post later this week (my whole blog could have been on running) which will probably role into writing a music post the week after, the two go hand in hand.

I have a short attention span so this is going to do for this one.

– Dan


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